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Joing GDG Nazareth

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  • In response to popular demand, we are reopening the registration for the event. 
  • Do you need a ride?
    Can you give a ride?  We have setup this document to help you find or share a ride:
  • Confirmations sent out. Check your inbox.
    If you plan to stay the night in Nazareth, please reserve your hotel room ASAP, see details in the last mail.
  • Pre hackathon intro lectures will take place at Google offices in Haifa. See for here details.
  • Some cool prizes awaits the best 3 teams.
    You must register a competing team to be eligible.
    Add your team details here.
  • If you plan over stay over night in one of the beautiful Hotels at Nazareth, contact
    we can help get a group discount. 

What is a Hackathon anyway?
This is a full 2-day marathon full-team sprints of innovation. This is intended to be a hardcore event full with extreme coding sessions.
We don't mandate working on specific domain or idea. Bring your own idea and use your preferred technology.
Complete the following simple steps to ensure your registration is confirmed:
  1. Read the information in the page below
  2. Review the event's agenda
  3. Review the requested pre work for the event here 
  4. Register to the event here
  5. Share your ideas here 
  6. Join the discussion on facebook.

What is Hackathon@Nazareth?
Coders crack your fingers, on your keyboards, ready, set, GO! It’s Hackathon time.
This time we combine Code and Humus.
Seriously, this is an intense 2-days event sharply focused on taking an idea from a concept into execution.
Come and build together wonderful web or mobile applications that can be a kick-start of a credible business over the course of a weekend.

The event is a full 2-day event starting on the morning of Friday the 7th of September and ending on the following evening.
    Begin: 09:00 AM on 2012/09/07
    End: 21:00 PM on 2012/09/08

The event is free of charge and food and beverages. 

Who Should Participate?
Naturally the event is suitable for those who code for fun or profit, software developers, web site builders and opensource project hackers.
Nevertheless, as the concepts is to kick-start a business viable ideas, a team needs a complementary set of skills. 
Thus If you are a designer, entrepreneur or have special skill in marketing or specific domain of knowledge or just have an idea, you are welcomed to join a team.

Why Should I Participate?
  • Put your idea into action and validate it.
  • Network and Connect.
  • Speed up your team work skills.
  • Win cool prizes.

What I Have to Do to Make the Most of the Event?
You need to supply yourself with:
  • A worthy idea. 
    Or you can join an existing team. See the pre hackathon grouping areas.
  • Enthusiasm and motivation.
  • Laptop stocked with development environment and SDK - see a list of suggested tools.
  • Preferably a mobile device for testing.
St. Gabriel Hotel, Nazareth.