Student Projects

GOOD2GO is a mini volunteering app for Android. This application allows you to find mini volunteering tasks, and rewards you for volunteering with badges and karma.


Have you ever wanted to post your image of choice on a building ? With FlyingBoard that's possible. This application allows a user to post an image (from Facebook) to any building he/she chooses. That image will be visible to anyone who will use the FlyingBoard android application which utilizes augmented reality technology to display images.


CoupoNow is a new kind of online coupon service that allows you to get instant coupons whenever you want, for immediate use without having to commit or pay in advance.


Drunkoid application is designed to make the android phone easier to use in the pub environment when the user goes out to drink.


Moish'd! is an new open source multiplayer game infrastructure for Andoid OS.


Improving the image of the state of Israel by Creating an organized platform for users to react on hostile articles and talkbacks concerning the State of Israel.

The Wave Toto

The Wave Toto application enables a few friends to collaborate while filling out an online Toto form, by leveraging Google’s Wave platform to ensure collaboration among all the players.


Israeli Musical shows Tickets Site : The only place where you can easily find your next concert's ticket!

Talk Nerdy To Me

A gadget which will allow people to easily communicate using mathematical notation and perform real time calculations.


Manages friend's weekly sports events/activities

RoadTrip Planner

Road Trip planning gaggle goodget

Epi Hour
Get familiar with new shows your friends are watching and be up-to-date!


Trivipedia gadget offers you 2 interactive games, classic trivia - match the person's name to his description, Friends vs. Seinfeld - recognize where the quote is taken from. All the questions are auto generated from wikipedia database.


Google mail analysis and statistics application

Trippin' Out is a Facebook application targeted at finding traveling locations and attractions with current or potential friends. The application utilizes the social aspects of Facebook to suggest traveling attractions which may interest you.


The application will summarize real-time deals according to the user location, his preferences, type of a discount and will provide a simple and convenient UI to display the most suitable deals.


An Application that connects people who are trying to find partners for minyan near by.

What 2 Wear

The application was created to suggest outfits ideas to anyone who wonders what to wear and needs some inspiration.


iReceipt is an Android and Web application that offers smart solution for managing receipts and expenses.


In KosheCook you insert the ingredients within reach. The KosherCook will search for Kosher recipes that suit your ingredient's list. The KosheCook will also present you recipes that lacking a few ingredients, to support the option you forgot to include them.


An android application that let's you know when will arrive the next bus and finds it's the station.


Manage your ToDo list inside a wave, share your tasks with team members, or delegate tasks to your workers.

My Ride

Find carpooling partners going to Tel-Aviv University

Catch a Movie

Centralize and facilitate the process of initiating and managing a friendly get together, for the purpose of watching a cinema movie

Auction Notifier

A Google Gadget designed to monitor auctions taking place on an auction site.

Listen, manage and share your favorite music - anytime, anywhere!


This gadget allows you to share knowledge, messages, polls and ideas between your friends


This gadget will enable Google users to produce their own social productions, with the help of a well designed, easy to use interface.

UniZone is a Facebook application which is targeted for students and allows to see your course schedule, share it with friends, see other students who share the same courses with you, share course notes, find study groups, and more. The application dynamically creates groups associated with each course, where students may socialize with each other.


This application combines task management with location-based services and is closely working with Astrid.


Ordering food in restaurants straight from a webpage holding the menu.

Check Me In

The goal of our project is to give PRs the option to follow up on their customers. Our primary focus was to give PRs a way of knowing who actually attended their event. In addition to provide the PRs with statistics about the event including age distribution, social leaders and etc.


YouTunes allows you to add songs from YouTube and your local mp3 files, create playlist and share music with your friends!

Research Assistant

Researches conducting ongoing research, wishing to organize their work and reading, share it with colleagues and working groups, remembering their thoughts and staying updated by email updates and smart suggestion mechanism.


TrendSM gives you the opportunity to invest virtual money on the next Trend you think of. You can invest in everything! – cars, celebrities, music, fashion, etc. If your stock becomes a trend it means your stock made a good slope.


This application enables sharing personal events with friends and sharing private wish list. This application also allows choosing a gift from friend's wish list that you are going to buy alone or organize a group purchase.

Drive Cost

The Drive Costing Tool

Tau Scheduler
Easily build yourself a weekly schedule

iUpdates Gadget!

Easy get video updates on everything you would like know to about.

This iGoogle gadget allows room-mates to maintain their household easily and efficiently. Using this gadget, room-mates can have a common message board, share a shopping list, manage an expenses table and get alerts for recurring events (such as bills)


See your friends' future plans and share yours with them.