How can I contribute as volunteer?
You can contribute in multiple ways, you can either join us on site or participate in g+ hangout and provide assistance remotely.
  1. Be present at the event for the full 2 days or partially and provide professional support and assistance to the competing teams.
    1. Help team to brainstorm and guide them in cooperative work.
    2. Answer specific technical questions in your area of expertise and aid in problem solving.
  2. Help prepare for the event
    1. Follow discussions on the dedicated group and help team polish their ideas.
    2. Point teams to new technologies, tutorials and relevant resources on the web. 
Should I spend the whole weekend in the Hackathon?
You can if you are interested, but it not necessarily. you can join for one day or even half a day. 
We appreciate all the help you can provide.

Please register here and we will contact you for coordination: